Natural gas is one of the safest fuel on the market:


- When it is lighter than air, the gas disperses rapidly in the atmosphere in the event of leakage.


- Has not smell, and therefore, before being marketed, it is given it a smell, to facilitate rapid identification in the event of leakage.


- Before being marketed natural gas needs to fulfill the quality specifications that determine extremely low levels of moisture, carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds.


- For your total security, Goldenergy advises you to request inspections at intervals defined by law, every five years for domestic installations with more than 20 years and that have not been subject to remodeling.


- Any valve that is not connected to a gas equipment must remain covered and always to carry out works on the floor or walls of your home remember that there might pass a gas pipe.


- Try to identify the location of gas pipes in your home. You must maintain clean and tune the equipment for natural gas, and whenever you leave make sure that the appliances are turned off.


- Finally, make sure that the location and installation of your equipment, comply with the standards for ventilation and exhaust of combustion products.

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