Efficient consumption

Energy efficiency can optimize the use of energy sources, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

We intend to keep it with the same comfort, but with an effective reduction of the energy bill.

Learn how to save energy will make the world more sustainable and are the small gestures of their day-to-day that will make a difference and help save energy.



Tips to optimize gas consumption:

- About 50% of household energy consumption takes place in the kitchen and bathroom, so it is advisable to connect the stove only when there is already in the pot to be cooked, ensuring that all the ingredients and utensils required for the confection are at your side;

- When the pot is already boiling, reduce the intensity of the flame;

- Get used to cook with lids on pans. Will prevent the heat to evaporate and to decrease the cooking time;

- Always cook on a stove suitable for the size of the pot you are using. Whenever possible, choose the smaller stoves, consume up to 10% less gas than the larger ones;

- Turn off the stove a few minutes ahead of schedule. The heat accumulated charge will be finishing the confection of food;

- Turn off the water heater or boiler if not going to use for long periods;

- In the summer decrease the temperature of the water heater or boiler;

- Reduce the time it takes to take a shower and avoid long showers;

- If you have a habit of leaving the central heating on at night or even during the day, opt for lower temperatures.

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