Goldenergy guide its activities by the values that the ​​Dourogás Group has built throughout its existence: simplified structure, young and dynamic team with innovative solutions and creative ideas, a permanent support proximity to its customers, always ensuring excellent competitive advantages.


The intervention of Goldenergy is also driven by other values ​​such as transparency, competence, sustainability, cooperation and cohesion.


The competence of Goldenergy is based on an interdisciplinary and permanent training of the employees, recognizing its importance as a major asset of the Group and an essential instrument for the achievement of the performance levels of excellence.


One of the commitments of Goldenergy passes through the adoption of management measures to minimize and control environmental impacts resulting from activities of production, distribution and marketing of energy.


We ensure the availability of timely and transparent manner with the necessary information for investors, markets, customers, employees, stakeholders and relevant authorities.


Goldenergy is aware that the natural gas sector should lead to balance various interests: economic, financial, social intervention and environmental awareness.

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