Goldenergy - Energy Distributor Company SA, is a supplier of natural gas belonging to Dourogás Group.


Goldenergy is in the market since May 2008, respecting the environment, consumers, values ​​and its commitments.


We believe that only a motivated, dynamic, enterprising and strong team with environmental and safety concerns can win.


Goldenergy has been growing with the liberalization of the natural gas market in Portugal, according to which consumers will have to pass from the Regulated Market to the Free Market.


As part of its activity, Goldenergy advocates for the protection of the rights and interests of consumers in relation to prices, services and quality of service, verification of compliance with public service obligations and other legal obligations, regulations and other.


Goldenergy currently covers the different consumption categories: Industry, Services and domestic, being present in various parts of the country.


The Goldenergy bet, also in the marketing of thermal energy and in the area of ​​vehicular natural gas liquid and gas.

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