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Goldenergy - Distributor of Energy, SA, with its project 01-0403 NORTH-FEDER-013 184, submitted to the Incentive Scheme for Qualifying PMEs under the National Strategic Framework (QREN), aims at setting up filling stations in Maia and Mirandela liquefied natural gas or compressed for the transportation sector, as well as filling bottles of natural gas to market.

It also seeks to create a prototype bottle of LNG to minimize transportation costs that currently occur. The company with the approval by the Operational Programme ON.2 of its operation "Creation of Private Enterprise Supply CNG Tour" got a co-financing of € 3,120,885.95 to an Eligible Investment of € 4,801,363.00.


Objectives and Priorities:


The investment project of Goldenergy S.A. is based on private enterprise:

- Pioneering at the national and regional level in the field of supply of CNG (compressed natural gas).

- That, in addition to national and regional space, aimed at the international market closer: Spain.

- Which bets the dissemination of their products in international markets and sees foreign markets as a source of know-how for its business.

- That commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency endogenous. - That promotes cooperation and intercompany with NSTS.

- That, in R & D sees a way to optimize its production process, its products and, consequently, become more profitable, increasing margins and reducing constraints imposed by transportation costs (shortening its radius of action and access to new markets).

- That contributes, by nature of its activity and its products for a better quality of the environment, being inherent in it a strong component of social responsibility.

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