The natural gas industry plays a key role in the current and future national energy framework, responding to the development of the country´s needs.


It is an indispensable option for strengthening the energy needs of Portuguese society, the competitiveness of national companies, improvement of living conditions, the preservation of environmental conditions and reduce the emission of gaseous pollutants.


The concept of sustainability crosses aspects of economy, culture, environment and consequently of the whole society. We intend to be the way to warn the human society to appreciate all the resources without waste, preserving natural ecosystems and biodiversity, allowing its infinitive use.


This is a greener energy and have less impact on global warming, due to the reduction of pollutant emissions.


We intend to continuously improve our environmental performance, including pollution prevention and reduction of potential impacts by meeting the requirements of environmental legislation.


Goldenergy has walked in search of reconciliation between business profitability and increasing competitiveness through: efficiency and quality of service provided, constantly looking for continuous improvement, preservation of security of persons and goods, reducing the risks inherent to our activity, social aspects, through practices that contribute positively to society.


Goldenergy consolidated these goals through the implementation of the Integrated Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility and the company's certification by the corresponding reference (NP EN ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 e NP 4469).

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